Welcome to the Mom Squad Daily!


Hi there, and welcome to our MomSquad. We started Mom Squad Daily because we realized, as moms, there is a deep need for women to feel connected with their village. Please, join us as we share the adventures, joys, trials and triumphs that come with raising little people. We know parenting is tough- we are living it. It's also a lot easier when we can band together, share our experiences and knowledge, and come to terms with the fact that none of us can be super mom. But. If we can keep loving our kids, take a deep breath, and embrace a little humor, we can be great moms.

The Mom Squad Daily is about relationships, not perfection. It's about finding the little moments in our day to day lives that make the hard ones worth it. It's about throwing aside our self doubt, negative talk, and the incessant worry that we are forever screwing up our kids. Its about embracing who we are as women and doing motherhood different. So whether we find a new recipe that our family will actually eat, master our kids dream birthday, cry over that spilled breast milk, or master the 3 minute dirty hair up-do, we know that we are in it together.

And together is a good place to be.

Together, we are doing motherhood differently. Find out how.

Rocking Motherhood on the Daily

Meet Lauren

Lauren Lewis is no stranger to early childhood development, having spent over 10 years in the childcare industry. She's the work-at-home wife of a travel geek, scrunchy mother of two vivacious children, and has an uncanny talent for trailing lost things behind her a la Hansel and Gretel. Striking the perfect balance between hot-mess-mom and do-it-all mom, she's constantly striving to take the perfect picture, make time to support a friend, or read up on the latest in Early Childhood Development (while secretly fantasizing about hiring a live in maid). Oh,she drinks lots of coffee- like- copious amounts of coffee. The funny thing is, in this beautiful disaster of a life, she wouldn't have any other way. Find out more about my life, my work, and services, here. 

Meet Laranda

Laranda is a semi-crunchy, stay-at-home, homeschooling momma of three kiddos. As a strong advocate for food allergy awareness and community service, the Colbert family stays busy and active. Laranda is most often found outside tending her garden or chickens and exploring the outdoors with her family. Being married to a tradesman is no walk in the park, but she has found her calm in the chaos of this season of her life. Learn more about Laranda and what she does for MomSquad Daily.

Meet Sam

Sam is constantly busy and not just because she is a mom of three. She finds the greatest joy in learning and growing. Dabbling in baking, cooking, decorating, fashion, photography, homeschool, writing, editing, and more, you will always find her hands working. Sam is incredibly passionate about helping moms to find their village, since she blossomed after finding hers. As a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, life can be a whirlwind of to-do's. But, Sam lives for the beauty in the simple moments with her family, the giggles, belly laughs and pitter-patter of little feet. Hand-in-hand with her husband, she walks through the mayhem with a smile on her face. Find out more about about Sam's life, work and services here!