The Most Epic Plastic Bag Storage Hack You Need for Your House

Plastic bags…bad for the environment (when not properly disposed of or recycled) and constantly wreaking havoc on homes for decades. They seem innocent enough. I mean, they do wad up pretty nicely. However, the wadding process is a deceptive feat as they actually take up a ridiculous amount of space and engulf the unsuspecting family in mountains of plastic grocery bags. Please tell me that I am not the only one with a bag problem.

I assure you, I am not making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Cluttered Chaos

Our plastic bag stash has gotten way out of hand. I don’t like putting them in the trash can, hello, bad for the environment, and our community does not have a good recycling program. I always say that I will take them back to the store for their recycling bins, but let’s be honest, with 3 kids, I’m doing good to get US to the store.

My plastic grocery bag storage solution used to be to stuff them under the sink. Then, the quantity became too much. So, I started stashing them in my laundry room. I had an entire corner piled high with these bags. No laughing. It is stupid embarrassing to admit this. I’m working through the stages of recovery. This is the first stage, admitting there was a problem.

Solution to My Atrocious Bag Problem

Stage 2 is to implement a solution. This is where the whole purpose for this story comes in. In my research, I saw several suggestions for how to deal with these pesky little boogers. I decided on the canister that holds a roll of bags and as you pull one out, another is left sticking up to make for easy grabbing next time.

“THIS IS IT!,” my brain screamed. Here is how I am dealing with my problem.

Prepping the Container

STEP 1: Obtain some sort of cylindrical plastic container. You can use an old cleaning wipes tube, an oatmeal container or in my case, a GIANT chocolate milk mix container. A plastic container works best. Cut a circle out of the lid. *TIP: If you try to paint the lid first, the paint will likely chip when you cut the hole. In my pictures you will see that I tried it that way, and failed miserably. Learn from me.

STEP 2:  I didn’t want an ugly yellow thing in my newly remodeled laundry room. So, I sprayed the container with a primer (for optimal coverage) and let it dry overnight. The next day I sprayed the container with the color of choice. Ok, I admit, it was what we had left in the garage from our hydrodipping experiments. I sprayed the lid a pretty gold color.

STEP 3: While the paint is drying, you can begin the bag folding/rolling process. I’m not gonna lie, this is a rather time consuming process, but the result makes it SO worth it.

Rolling, rolling, rolling…plastic bags

I was totally singing when I typed that. I hope you were too. Anyhow, below are the steps for rolling the bags to put into the container you just worked so hard to beautify.

  1. Flatten out a plastic bag and lay it on the floor.Layout Plastic bag
  2. Fold the bag in half so that the two handles lay on top of each other.
  3. Fold the handles up at a 90 degree angle (this is the part you will grab).
  4. Begin rolling at the folded handles, but stop about half way down the bag.
  5. Lay another flattened and folded in half bag on top of the first one with the handles touching the part of the first bag that you are rolling.
  6. Begin rolling again, making sure to roll the handles of the second bag. Stop about half way and repeat from step 5 until you have a roll as big as you can fit in your canister.
  7. Stand the roll up on end with the handle sticking up. Put your lid on (with the handles sticking out of the hole you cut in the lid).

VOILA! You have a more aesthetically pleasing plastic bag storage system. Fun fact, if you have older kids, you can make the bag rolling process one of their chores.

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