I Will Not Be Defined by YOUR Stereotypes

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What defines you as a person? Does your role as a mom or wife define you? If you are a working parent, does that define who you are to the core? How about geographical location? If you live in the Midwest, does that define you? Living on the west coast or east coast, are you defined by the stereotypes of that region?

Judge-y much?

I took that quote from one of my most recent movie obssessions, Jumani: Welcome to the Jungle. It seemed so fitting and frankly, catchy. I digress…

This whole thing started with a lot of thought provoking questions, but after a few interactions recently, it became apparent that even the people who scream injustice and condemn the idea of judging other people are actually more guilty of judging than those they are chastising. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom who was born and raised in the Midwest. The bible belt, as most call it. I am a proud Christian from a very small rural community. I traveled the world in college and graduated with a BS in Biology-Chemistry. Being a Christian scientist has been a challenge in and of itself. I am married to a plumber who has worked in the industry for over 20 years.

Did you paint a picture?

When I told you all of those things, did you immediately paint a picture of what I must look like and what kind of character traits I must possess to fit into those labels?  Both my husband and I have tattoos and enjoy the occasional after-hours libations. The truth is that I am very open-minded. I do not judge anyone based on their skin color (fun fact: I am actually native American), sexual orientation, religious preferences or any of their other personal choices. That is not my place. My role on this earth is to love all people. I am here to support and encourage my fellow human beings so that we can all be the best US we can be. So that we can have a healthy planet and leave a brighter future for our kids, and their kids, and their kids’ kids.

Quit Judging the Book By Its Cover

So, before you assume that someone from Colorado is a pot head, or someone from New York City is a stuck up winch, take time to talk to them. Learn who they really are. You might just find yourself a new friend and a new appreciation for the place they call home.

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