weeds, worry, and doing the hard thing, a motherhood perspective on gardening and it's relation to self care, because sometime the thing we dread doing we dread is the thing we need to do the most

Weeds, Worry, and Doing the Hard Thing

I’ve had a garden for two summers now. Okay, that’s not completely the truth. I’ve attempted gardening for three years. I didn’t know Laranda and her magical green thumb, and while my mom grows beautiful flowers, she’s never grown for food. The first year was awful, and I almost gave up. Maybe if I hadn’tRead more

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Kindergarten Readiness: 6 Simple Activities that Build Hand Strength

Let’s talk for a minute about Kindergarten readiness. As a mom whose tough little girl just finished kindergarten let me tell you something; Kindergarten is terrifying. The stress of starting something new, the worry about whether you’re ready, wondering if you’ve done enough…Oh, it’s pretty hard for your kid, too. What is it about sending yourRead more

ARe there benefits for children in daycare? Daycare benefits, family childcare,

Are There Benefits for Children in Daycare Environments?

Deciding on quality childcare for your baby is one of the biggest stressors new parents face. Do you? Don’t you? What are the drawbacks to sending your child to daycare? To a Family Childcare? Hiring a Nanny? Among all the fears that come with considering your childcare options, one of the things parents don’t oftenRead more

How to raise strong daughters in a world focused on beauty

How to Raise Strong Daughters in a World Focused on Beauty

“Mom, I want to be Beautiful,” my preschooler told me today. “This is about my own some-day daughter. When you approach me, already stung-eyed with insecurity, begging, “Mom, will I be pretty?” I will wipe that question from your mouth like cheap lipstick and answer “No, the word pretty is unworthy of everything you will be,Read more

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Mom Guilt is a Liar

Let’s talk about mom guilt for a minute. Mom Guilt is real. It crops up slowly during our pregnancy. First, the twinge of anger we feel about the CONSTANT nausea. The final trimester yearning for that long awaited guess-date- wanting to hold your baby in your arms, but also wanting to “get your body back”.Read more

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Astonishing Confessions of a Former Super Mom- How Did I Get Here?

I admit, its all a front. I’m Not Really a Supermom. Here I am, World, letting you know- I am totally that mom. The one you see in the kindergarten pick up line, wondering why in the hell she left the house without a bra. The one who has “let herself go”. After kids, and letsRead more