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What You Need To Know When You See a Teal Pumpkin

White, green, orange and maybe even yellow pumpkins, are found in just about any pumpkin patch, but have you ever seen a teal pumpkin? I have. Ok, not in a pumpkin patch, but definitely on store shelves. Many see the teal pumpkins and think, “that’s pretty”. But, there is far more behind the teal pumpkinRead more

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Crushing Gender Roles: One Imagination Play at a Time

Gender roles.  What are they?  According to the World Health Organization, gender roles “refers to what males and females are expected to do (in the household, community and workplace) in a given society.” (WHO, Gender mainstreaming for health managers: a practical approach, 2011) I was not raised on gender roles. My mom and I ranRead more

weeds, worry, and doing the hard thing, a motherhood perspective on gardening and it's relation to self care, because sometime the thing we dread doing we dread is the thing we need to do the most

Weeds, Worry, and Doing the Hard Thing

I’ve had a garden for two summers now. Okay, that’s not completely the truth. I’ve attempted gardening for three years. I didn’t know Laranda and her magical green thumb, and while my mom grows beautiful flowers, she’s never grown for food. The first year was awful, and I almost gave up. Maybe if I hadn’tRead more

What You Need To School at Home: The Ultimate Back to School Supply List

It’s August. For most people that means that the school year will begin soon (if it hasn’t already). School supply lists, back-to-school clothes shopping, or new uniforms are topping every parent’s must buy list. And every mom is praying their kids don’t have another massive growth spurt before school is up! All of the back-to-schoolRead more

When to introduce baby food.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Rush Introducing Baby Food

It seems like only yesterday when I started my little guy out by introducing baby food. He was just over 6 months old, getting more mobile and losing that sweet newborn squishiness. O was filled with wanderlust, reaching for, moving to, and exploring new things. He was just barely starting to sit up independently, and our heartsRead more

Your Breast Milk Handling Guideline Took Kit is here, everything you need to know about handling expressed breast milk, pumped milk, and breastfeeding support, the Mom Squad Daily, together, we are doing motherhood different.

Your Breast Milk Expressing and Handling Tool-Guide is Here!

When you are an exclusively breastfeeding mother, handling breast milk is a no-brainer Boob produces milk Baby drinks from boob Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? But, when you are not “the one with boobs”, handling that liquid gold gets a little more complicated. Because, let’s be honest here, no one wants to be the oneRead more

Mom Guilt is a liar, parenting a toddler, toddler tantrum, PPD, Anxiety,

Mom Guilt is a Liar

Let’s talk about mom guilt for a minute. Mom Guilt is real. It crops up slowly during our pregnancy. First, the twinge of anger we feel about the CONSTANT nausea. The final trimester yearning for that long awaited guess-date- wanting to hold your baby in your arms, but also wanting to “get your body back”.Read more

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Astonishing Confessions of a Former Super Mom- How Did I Get Here?

I admit, its all a front. I’m Not Really a Supermom. Here I am, World, letting you know- I am totally that mom. The one you see in the kindergarten pick up line, wondering why in the hell she left the house without a bra. The one who has “let herself go”. After kids, and letsRead more