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Kindergarten Readiness: 6 Simple Activities that Build Hand Strength

Let’s talk for a minute about Kindergarten readiness. As a mom whose tough little girl just finished kindergarten let me tell you something; Kindergarten is terrifying. The stress of starting something new, the worry about whether you’re ready, wondering if you’ve done enough…Oh, it’s pretty hard for your kid, too. What is it about sending yourRead more

Daycare advice from Moms and childcare providers: how to help ease the transition for daycare drop off.

The Dreaded Daycare Drop-Off: Tips From a Professional

The dreaded daycare drop off. Mornings are rough for working parents. You’re tired, under-caffeinated, your kid didn’t want to get out of bed, and you are rushing to work. However, you have one important step: you still need to drop your child off at daycare. It’s the most dreaded part of your morning (besides perhapsRead more

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Are There Benefits for Children in Daycare Environments?

Deciding on quality childcare for your baby is one of the biggest stressors new parents face. Do you? Don’t you? What are the drawbacks to sending your child to daycare? To a Family Childcare? Hiring a Nanny? Among all the fears that come with considering your childcare options, one of the things parents don’t oftenRead more

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Mom Guilt is a Liar

Let’s talk about mom guilt for a minute. Mom Guilt is real. It crops up slowly during our pregnancy. First, the twinge of anger we feel about the CONSTANT nausea. The final trimester yearning for that long awaited guess-date- wanting to hold your baby in your arms, but also wanting to “get your body back”.Read more