Meet Lauren Lewis

Why Do We Need Our Squad?

Women aren't just homemakers anymore, we are wonder makers. We make wonders happen every day, and so often, we don't even realize it. We need our squad. Other mothers who see us, who validate us, challenge and educate us. Who understand all day text marathons but also why we can't pick up the phone. As a former Nanny turned Family Childcare Provider, I see every day the struggles moms face. As a Mom, I feel it.  That's why I'm so passionate about empowering and educating women. When I'm not herding stray children, taking pictures, or writing, you'll find me escaping the house for the occasional PTO meeting, cooking, guzzling coffee, or spending time with my amazing kids and hubs. You can catch my work on the Red Tricycle (like this one, on How to Prepare for New Motherhood), throwing down some childcare knowledge on The Learning Bean, talking babywearing and marriage on Wrapsody Baby, or copy writing for Mom Activated.


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Copy Writing
Let's collaborate together to create quality content for your site, blog, newsletter, and more!
Pinterest Optimization

Hire me to create graphics, optimize keywords, create a visually pleasing Pinterest account, and exponentially grow your website hits.

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Read more about me, my family childcare, and life with Littles on my site, Raising Lauren's Littles. 

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